West Western Industries Presents: West Western Railways

Discussion in 'Empires General Discussion' started by 19fitzna, Mar 15, 2018.

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    West Western Industries would like to offer the free construction of train lines going to your empires. These lines function essentially the same as the starry lines did last map.

    West Western Industries will pay for and lay down all tracks going up to your city. Note that West Western employees cannot build in your territory and as such might require assistance placing tracks.

    The city must have a completed and approved train station before construction may begin. Please note that all tracks must be up to the railway codes regarding Soboria originating/bound trains and as such construction of rails within empire territory and cities must be supervised and/or inspected by a West Western official before use.

    Contact 19fitzna about railway construction if interested. Preferably through discord: The 19th Fitz of Na#6665

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