West Western Industries LTD.

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    Announcing West Western Industries!


    West Western Industries is a private cooperation based within Sarosune.

    West Western focuses in three main areas of industry: Resource collection, Infrastructure Development, Contract Builds (including ships, airships, and tanks). West Western intends to focus on business within the Zealite Republic; however, West Western will also do business with private entities, such as for ships for personal use or bulk order supplies for construction/mercantile purposes

    West Western is composed of private citizens within the Zealite Republic, and as a result is held fully responsible to trade restrictions and sanctions put in place by the Zealite government.

    Why go West Western:
    For those who live within the Zealite Republic West Western is conveniently located and close to the community, allowing us to have strong trade ties with you. In addition, West Western can provide bulk stock of select products at lower costs to sell in shops. West Western also boasts tried and true ship designs of multiple styles to choose from.

    If you are interested in working for West Western, contact 19fitzna for employment opportunities. Be warned however, you will likely have to be a Zealite Citizen

    Interested in our services?
    Contact one of our representatives today!

    CEO: 19fitzna

    West Western Industries: forget the rest, we're the best!

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