Valkorian Markets

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    Hello fello Mystians! I am pleased to announce the official opening of Valkorian Markets! What do we sell you might ask? Besides the general food, wool and other commodities, we do Blacksmithing Work orders, Shards, Quartz, glass etc. If you need it, We can get it! The Main Market is located in the Haladasian Empire, Tecnoloxia, however for a small delivery fee we come to you! This is an honest, locally owned Market! Have something you wish to sell? No Problem! Just message Bretton with what you are selling and we will work on making a deal! We do work orders, and will fulfill asap (Prices for work orders are negotiated by the parties, and will always include a 10% Work order fee) Brettons Markets, the HONEST choice.
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    I am proud to see the Valkorian name live on. I fully support Valkorian Market even though I'm dead.
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