Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics - Legion of Ninkotopia Military Alliance

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    The U.K.S.R. (henceforth referred to as Kroznar) and The Legion of Ninkotopia (henceforth referred to as Ninkotopia), having analysed the current situation, have agreed upon a binding military alliance against the political machinations of The Commonwealth of Amun (henceforth referred to as Amun).

    1. Kroznar and Ninkotopia have agreed that if either one of our fair nations is to be attacked by Amun, then the other shall immediately enter the war against Amun, and both nations will be fully invested in defending each other.

    2. Kroznar and Ninkotopia have agreed that a council meeting will be held if offensive operations against Amun are deemed as a serious option for the future. If, and only if, both sides of the council gives ascension, will war be declared upon Amun. If one or both nations refuses then war cannot be declared. In the event of war both nations will invest themselves fully into the war effort against Amun.

    3. If war is declared either before the council within Article 2, or a nation violates the councils decision they will be kicked out of the alliance and will immediately be available for a casus belli.

    4. If a nation wishes to leave the Alliance then they must give 2 weeks notice. Only once these two weeks are up will the articles of this agreement no longer apply to the departing nation.

    In addition two articles apply only to Kroznar.

    5. Freedom of religion shall be enforced within Kroznar. Jesesism shall henceforth be fully tolerated, and while conversion will not be mandatory for the people of Kroznar, promotion thereof shall be subtly backed by state efforts.

    6. In the event of an Amun-backed rebellion by Woods, Kroznar would provide Ninkotopia with money, supplies, and manpower to suppress it, and Kroznar will support more complete integration into Ninkotopia post-insurrection.

    Chairman Nedlio of The Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics
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    Due to a lack of Ninkotopian signing off, this agreement is being nullified effective immediately.

    Chairman Nedlio of The Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics

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