The Order of the Leo Sepulcher

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    Brothers and Sisters,

    I have had visions of what is to come. A great battle is to be fought on a distant shore, with three kings fighting for dominance. One of them is wise, knowing when is best and when is worst. One is a selfish and greedy man, whom knows only strength in battle. The third king personifies all evils man has ever done to one another.

    These three kings will bring about the end of an era. An end of an age, our age. But, the Lord above has spoken out, it lead me to an ancient man, Barthold Leo Hominis. It was written that when the lord chose whom to call his prophets he was the noblest and wisest of them all.

    His holy, and almighty Sepulcher was found where I now call home. It was studied by Xylvanian scientists, it gave me a new firm understanding of life. Then the visions stopped, but have returned to me.

    The Lord above urged me to call this Crusade, for the world we know it will soon end, and to establish this order so that it may flourish, even when it is in the abyss from whence it was made.

    So brothers and sisters I now call out to you to STAND UP and FIGHT so that we may know everlasting truth and wisdom with guidance from the almighty.

    The Infidels who worship pagan objects know not of true divine knowledge. Therefore, if they convert they will be absolved of their sins. So I proclaim, the Grand Master of the Holy Oder of the Sepulcher of Leo.


    Leo Deus Vult

    Grand Master
    Commander of the Leo Knights and Protector of the Sepulcher of Barthold Leo Hominis
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    Who cares... *Shrugs*
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    Welp woods has been taking mushrooms again

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