The Amunian-Kuaporbjord war

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    Upon its founding, The Commonwealth of Amun laid out its first constitution. In this constitution, The Commonwealth claimed the entirety of the continent of Amun as its sovereign territory. This territory has been violated by the kingdom of Kuaporbjord. We have long stood silent, barely able to tolerate the blight upon our land, we have tried to be peaceful and tolerant of Kuaporbjord, but can no longer. Kuaporbjord's recent expansionist policies have stoked worry within The Commonwealth, and we now fear for our national security, as such we have no choice but to use military action. The King of Kuaporbjord must make a choice: either he will accept democracy, or he will face the wrath of the people. Within 24 hours of this declaration, The King of Kuaporbjord must accept the following demands or face war:

    1. He must release control of Falkirk to The Commonwealth of Amun
    2. Accept full integration of Fjallheim into The Commonwealth
    3. Relinquish his crown and take his place among the citizenry of Amun
  2. I will agree to these conditions on the terms that;
    1. I will be given a house in Fjallheim as well as contracted as a private builder for Heka and Fjallheim.
    2. Given a plot of land in Falkirk to harvest iron for merchant deals.
    3. Allowed to keep all two (2) of my ships, horse (1), car (1), and a set amount of resources from the storage in Fjallheim used for building and trading as well as my brewing ingredients.
    4. I also request that my assistant Papamikes keeps his ship (1) at the least. He is the foreman of the resource camp in Fjallheim.

    ~King Kincan of Kuaporbjord
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    The Commonwealth of Amun accepts the terms above

    ~President 19fitzna

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