The Amoteron-Ninkotopian Pact.

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    After the events of the downfall of Alemore, The Kingdom of Amoteron and the Empire of Ninkotopia kindled a friendship. We have decided to create a formal title for this friendship and enter into an alliance.
    The terms of our alliance are as follows:
    1. Any time Amoteron goes to war Ninkotopia will come to their aid and anytime Ninkotopia goes to war Amoteron will come to their aid. If one empire decides to declare an offensive war, the other must agree. If they go to war and the other empire disagrees then this alliance is null and there will be a 2 week grace period before the empires can declare war on each other.
    2. Both empires will come to each other's aid in defense from a pirate raid and will assist the other in clearing the pirate base.
    3. Both empires will have open access of trade and transportation of goods/military units in the other's territory and cities.
    4. Ninkotopia will receive the territory towers 93, 221, 232, 234, 235, 451, 453, and 454.
    5. Amoteron will provide Ninkotopia with 3 sets of steels, 20 iron axes, 10 iron swords, and 15 crossbows.
    6. We will have a celebration in Ninkotopia where there will be a bonfire where we will cast into the fire all Dark wands, shards, alemorian flags and shields gathered from the war (with the exception of war trophies claimed by woods and Duncan.)

    ~Signed King Lixionit of Amoteron
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    ~Signed Baron Lord God Emperor Caesar Ninkotop Pontifex Maximus

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