The Alemore Empire

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    Empire Name: Alemore
    Capital City Name: Willow
    Empire Leader: Captain_Venger
    Empire Officers: 19fitzna, Lixionit
    Empire Government Type: Oligarchy
    Empire Government Model: The Alemore Triumvirate Decides upon laws and rules in the land. They also decide upon how the functionality of the empire will work.
    Empire Goals: To master the ways of elemental and dark magic, and to create a safe-haven for those persecuted for their beliefs in dark magic, or their curses.
    Empire Laws: Consitution is being written.
    Recruitment Status: Open
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    Preamble: The Council of Alemore has decided that this constitution is necessary for the stability of our empire and to maintain peace and order between the citizens of our empire.


    SECTION I - The Council of Alemore


    1. The Council of Alemore shall consist of only mayors in Alemore.
    2. The seats of the council shall have equal power.
      1. The mayor of the capital city shall be known as the Speaker.

      2. The speaker can not make decisions alone and must bring all war declarations, alliance requests, and formal trade agreements before the council.

      3. All votes brought before the council must have at least 2/3 votes to be approved.
    3. The council of Alemore is able to decide all laws, legislation, and relations with other foreign powers.

    4. Neither the council nor the speaker is allowed to suspend any article stated in this constitution.
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