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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Skeletal_Reaper, Oct 9, 2015.

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  1. Skeletal_Reaper

    Skeletal_Reaper New Member

    In game username: Skeletal_Reaper

    How long have u been playing our network: About 5-6 Months

    What Have u done to help the community: I have been vary kind and greeting people to the server I also have helped anyone who needed my assistance I have been active on weekends and from 4-10 during week days.

    Why do u want to be helper on our server: I have a lot of experience of being staff on Minecraft servers. I am also do as I am told by higher staff when it is following the rules. I have been these ranks on servers Helper to 2nd Owner of a server. I was very kind and active on those servers. I have been on hours and hours improving as I can and I’ll ask for help if I need the help. But sadly the owner of those servers either shut down their server or the server was corrupted by hackers. I have been on more servers then I can count where I was kind and helpful to other players I have also looking for a new server to bring more community to the server. So after seeing that the community was the best out of all the servers I’ve seen I want to bring it to the number 1 most respectful server. I am making this staff application to come and help this community and even help more of the staff members. I hope you consider me as staff and I thank you for taking the time to read my staff application. (This server is the best of them all!)
  2. BudscopeDaMiner

    BudscopeDaMiner New Member

    I like this application but it wasn't very long and you to improve your grammar.Other than that i like it but i hope you get your 5 vouches Sir.

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    Vouch! Skeletal_Reaper helped lots of people and helped me yesterday.He is really helpful to the server and i hope he gets staff!He is a very helpful player on this server and should be staff.
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  3. Fyrinlight

    Fyrinlight Owner of The Mystian Network Staff Member Owner

    Hello Skeletal_Reaper,

    Sadly, You did not reach the required amount of vouches needed to move to the next step in the staff application process in the time allotted.

    You can submit another application if you wish in 2 weeks.
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