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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Amkdux, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. Amkdux

    Amkdux New Member

    How long have you been playing our network?: I have been playing Mystian Network since the eighth of June, 2016 (6-8-16)

    What have you done to help the community?: During the time I have been on the server, I have played many hours and have spoken to the people on the server who do have TeamSpeak (Ryan, Tanya, Hudson, etc) I have tried to help people as much as I can while also learning A LOT of things about the server myself.

    Why do you want to be a helper on our server?: I want to be a Helper because I have never actually had any responsibilities in Minecraft servers besides temporary servers that I made. I also want to be a helper to do exactly what the title and responsibility entitles to one who is called a "Helper". Such as (what was described in the forum post known as "How to - Start a Helper Application." -By Fyrinlight (or Ryan). When he says,"You will get a variety of people do deal with". I have experienced that, not just from PC, but from the people who play pocket Edition as well. As some of you may know, I joined the server from a hacked client. My original intentions were to troll an mess with people, unfortunately, but that did not happen thanks to Venger and other cool people who were on at that time, such as Woods297. Since then I have played this server with no problems, advanced PiratesCove so we grew wheat, made some friends, and repaired a broken airship I love the community of this server and try to help it grow once again to get us more attention....I hope to have many more memories in the server as it grows day by day and as we get new people to join the server.:):p
  2. Woods297

    Woods297 New Member

    Even though you didn't play long I feel as though you deserve my vouch. The reason why is because you seem like a good person, I appreciate that, we need more people like you on the server.
  3. Venger200

    Venger200 Iron

    When he first joined I thought he might of been like many others, and left when he died the first time. He walked all the way back and got his stuff. He shows maturity and enthusiasm, which is what I like. Dux doesn't live off the game and put his entire life into it, but rather takes a look at it from another point of view. A good helper doesn't put the game before others, but puts others before everything, which is what he does. He is a very kind person and has my vouch!
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