Peace and Unification of Great Peoples

Discussion in 'Empires General Discussion' started by Woods297, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Woods297

    Woods297 New Member

    Upon the field of battle, blood shed, shields cracked, and men died. No longer.

    Upon this thread PEACE between the Nations of Ninkotopia and The Iron Legion is achieved with a common purpose. I Hereby sign for the greater good of my people


    The Terms For Unification:

    1. The Legion shall convert to Jesesism

    2. A New form of Government shall be installed

    3. A Unification into a single "empire" (Like the Shadow a few maps back)

    4. The Iron Legion will keep her name and Ninlotopia shall be renamed The Legion of Ninkotopia

    I Hereby sign for the greater good of my people

  2. ninkotop

    ninkotop New Member

    This has been confirmed and the war has ceased
  3. Bloodraven

    Bloodraven Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Tenet 3 of this peace treaty has been clarified as a Military Alliance between The Iron Legion and The Legion of Ninkotopia.

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