Kroznar's Denunciation of Amun

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    To the Government of the Commonwealth of Amun:

    The Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics is incredibly disappointed with your efforts towards espionage, including, but not limited to, pressuring our government to adopt bourgeois "reforms" that would upset the stability and harmony of our Peoples, and conspiracy to incite counter-revolutionary unrest and spark civil war. It is our understanding that these activities were carried out with the end goal of procuring resources to feed the insatiable appetites of your nation's corporate entities for coal.

    Up until this point, we have had very few grievances with the Commonwealth of Amun, our primary differences of economic and political structure being easy to overlook. With these transgressions, however, any and all hopes of future collaboration between our two nations have been, in the current geopolitical circumstances, snuffed out by you and your cronies' blatant greed and outright insolence. As such, the Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics, in proportionate retribution to your actions, officially nationalizes all assets held by for-profit entities operating within the nation, and completely expels the operators of these entities from the lands of Kroznar, forbidding them to return on penalty of indefinite detention. Additionally, all trade deals between the Commonwealth of Amun and the Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics are to be terminated, effective immediately.

    Finally, the Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics, issued by executive declaration and unanimously supported by party cadres, officially DENOUNCES the Commonwealth of Amun for their ill deeds and heavy-handed intent to apply their own strongly misguided worldview upon us.

    Chairman Nedlio of The Union of Kroznar Socialist Republics.
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    The Legion Supports The Union in this matter

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