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    Empire Name: Amoteron
    Capital City Name: Pompeii
    Empire Leader: Lixionit
    Empire Officers: None
    Empire Government Type: Monarchy

    Empire Government Model: The King decides that there is an issue so he fixes said issue.
    Empire Goals: To become a very traversed trade city for the server and to amass a huge amount of wealth.
    Empire Laws:
    1. No killing
    2. No stealing
    Recruitment Status:

    Invite only but very open to recruiting
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    Preamble: As King of Amoteron I wish to create this constitution as a set of laws and guidelines for the people of Amoteron and it’s vassal state Kilemaka.

    The classification of citizens.
    1. There will be 2 types of citizens in the capital city: Trusted citizens, and New citizens.
      1. Trusted citizens of the city will be allowed to use public transit, create market shops, be present at the meeting of lords (See), and will be allowed to own businesses and employ citizens. The Tax rate for Trusted citizens will be at 3/10 for all resources.
      2. All citizens will be allowed to harvest resources from public harvest areas, own a house, use the public farms, use the territory tower resources, own an airship, own a car. Both trusted citizens and New Citizens will make up the basic armed forces. The Tax rate for New citizens will be 5/10 for all resources.
    2. There will be a third class of citizens called Lords.
      1. The Lords are the officials and elite members of Amoteron.
      2. There may only be a max of 8 Lords.
      3. The Lords will be invited to a meeting with the king once a month where they will discuss potential laws, allies, enemies, promotions of citizens from New Citizen to Trusted Citizen.
      4. Lords may also own land in the public territory to use for business and harvesting business.
        1. Any person caught trespassing on land will be punished according to the penal system.
      5. Lords will also be given ranking titles in times of war.
      6. The Tax rate for lords will be 1%
    3. The King is above the law and constitution. At the end of the day, Whatever King Lixionit says is what goes.

    Laws and penal system (Both Amoteron and Kilemaka):
    1. No stealing. Period.
    2. No Trespassing.
      1. If a person is caught trespassing they will be fined five thousand (5,000) coins and the fee will be given to the person who owns the property being trespassed on.
      1. If any person is accused of treason against the King and Kingdom they will be brought before a court of the King and Lords and the accuser, both sides will argue their points and the King and Lords will make a decision.
      2. Treason is defined as conspiring against the country for one’s own personal gain.
        1. Actions that are considered treason include but are not limited to Selling out military information, Hiding enemy scouts, spies, or military personnel, Keeping information hidden pertaining to an attack on the King or Kingdom, Attacking the King, Lords, or an official.
    4. No attacking foreign emissaries.
    5. No attacking other citizens.
    6. The King is above the law and constitution. At the end of the day, Whatever King Lixionit says is what goes.
    7. The punishment will be decided by the court system unless otherwise noted in the law.

    Court System
    1. The Court will consist of the Lords and the King.
    2. All accusations must be brought before the court.
      1. After an accusation is brought before the court there will be at least 24 hours (The court can decide to extend this time but can not decrease the time) for the accuser and the defendant to come up with their court case.
      2. Once a court date is decided the accuser and the defendant will be allowed to argue their points and convince the court whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.
      3. Once all points are brought up and the accuser and defendant are done talking then the court will go to a designated room and make their decision.
      4. For the defendant to be guilty there must be a ¾ present majority vote and the king’s vote to determine him guilty. If the King votes innocent then the defendant is innocent.
        1. If the defendant is voted innocent then the court will reconvene and the decision will be announced.
        2. If the defendant is found guilty, then the court must decide on the punishment for the crime. At this point it is ultimately up to the king on the punishment, the lords may offer their input and opinion on punishments but the king is the sole decider of the punishment. After the punishment is decided the court will reconvene and the punishment will be announced and executed.
    3. All other matters that the court decides on.
      1. The court may decide to add or remove laws from the constitution.
        1. To add a law to the constitution the vote needs at least one present Lord’s support and the King’s support. If the King doesn’t support it then the law will not be added.
        2. To remove a law from the constitution the vote needs ¾ present votes and the support of the king. If the King doesn’t not support removing a law then the law will not be removed.
      2. The court may decide to promote or demote citizens between New Citizen and Trusted citizens.
      3. The court may decide to go to war.
      4. The court may decide to create or remove an Ally.
      5. The court may decide to vassalize or un-vassalize a city-state.
      6. Unless specifically stated otherwise all matters only need the support of the King to pass. If the King does not support the vote then the vote fails.
    4. The King is above the law and constitution. At the end of the day, Whatever King Lixionit says is what goes.

    Citizen classification for Kilemaka
    1. All citizens in Kilemaka are classified as “Kilemakans”
      1. No Kilemakans will be allowed to use public services or public storage in the capital city. Only the mayor will be allowed to use them.
      2. Kilemakans are given the permissions of “New” citizens in the capital city.
    2. The Mayor of Kilemaka is classified as a Lord.
      1. He will be part of the court and gains the benefits of the Lords.
      2. On top of the Lord classification, the mayor of Kilemaka is allowed to do whatever he wishes in Kilemaka. Unless the mayor says otherwise, Kilemakans will follow the laws established by the court and listed in this Constitution.
    3. The King is above the law and constitution. At the end of the day, Whatever King Lixionit says is what goes.
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