Denied - Not Enough Vouches Kincan36's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Lixionit, Dec 21, 2015.

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  1. Lixionit

    Lixionit Iron

    In-Game Username: Kincan36
    How long have you been playing our network? A little bit over 2 years
    What have you done to help the community? I've helped beta test a few things and helped build maps such as an old hunger games we had, helped beta test empire wars in the beginning, I've donated to the server, I've been active as much as I can.
    Why do you want to be a helper on our server? (Minimum 200 words) I've noticed the recent drop of staff and I want to help anyone as much as I can so they don't bother the higher rank staff with small issues like someone asking to do empire wars early. I have also had staff experience on other servers that had a constant flow of members and I know what I am doing as staff. I also have been one of the most active members on the server so I can help any new players that come on when the other staff members aren't on or have bigger matters to attend to and I know quite a bit about the server and how it operates and the history of the server as I am one of the remaining few older players. I have also helped some of the players when they first joined as I was the only one on and I've helped them come to understand the server a bit better to know what to expect and how to handle it.
  2. Fyrinlight

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    Hello Kincan36,

    Sadly, You did not reach the required amount of vouches needed to move to the next step in the staff application process in the time allotted.

    You can submit another application if you wish in 2 weeks.
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