Denied - Not Enough Vouches Kincan36's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Lixionit, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Lixionit

    Lixionit Iron

    (I know this is the exact same info I put in my last application)
    In-Game Username: Kincan36
    How long have you been playing our network? 3-4 years now? I think
    What have you done to help the community? I have helped bring more people to the server. I have helped test gamemodes that were implemented and help test game modes that were an idea and not implemented into the server.
    Why do you want to be a helper on our server? (Minimum 200 words) I have been on the server for at least 3 years now and I want to be apart of the staff as I've kinda always looked up to them since they have always helped me and I feel encouraged by the warm friendly staff of mystian. I want to be the warm friendly staff of mystian that helps other people feel encouraged. I want to be the person that someone asks for help with commands, and I myself am learning a few of these empires commands from 1st hand experience and learning through trial and error and I know a bit more about empires because of it and I don't want new players to go through that hassle like I did. I also know a bit about the server history and how it works and used to work. I also want to give new players a warm welcoming because I've experienced many a not so welcome welcoming and I left the server immediately. I also am a bit experienced with the empires plugin knowing how it works and how to claim more land and how to earn money through tradehub all thanks to other helpers, past helpers, and other admins.
  2. Fyrinlight

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    Hello Kincan36,

    Sadly, You did not reach the required amount of vouches needed to move to the next step in the staff application process in the time allotted.

    As this is your second staff application denied, you must wait another month from this post before submitting another application.
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