Approved Kincan36's 3rd Helper Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Lixionit, Jul 29, 2017.

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  1. Lixionit

    Lixionit Iron

    In-Game Username: Kincan36
    How long have you been playing our network? 4 years
    What have you done to help the community? Shown new people how to get to the spawn portal to teleport to their empire and how to get member through the jewelshop. I've also helped people with empires and commands and how empires runs. And testing empire features.
    Why do you want to be a helper on our server? (Minimum 200 words) I have been on the server for at least 3 years now and I want to be apart of the staff as I've kinda always looked up to them since they have always helped me and I feel encouraged by the warm friendly staff of mystian. I want to be the warm friendly staff of mystian that helps other people feel encouraged. I want to be the person that someone asks for help with commands, and I myself am learning a few of these empires commands from 1st hand experience and learning through trial and error and I know a bit more about empires because of it and I don't want new players to go through that hassle like I did. I also know a bit about the server history and how it works and used to work. I also want to give new players a warm welcoming because I've experienced many a not so welcome welcoming and I left the server immediately. I also am a bit experienced with the empires plugin knowing how it works and how to claim more land and how to earn money through tradehub all thanks to other helpers, past helpers, and other admins.
  2. DLaForce

    DLaForce Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I'll vouch for kincan, he's been a long time member and he's good with our members, he would make a good addition to the staff team
  3. Kiritorad

    Kiritorad New Member

    I vouch for kincan. He is always friendly and helping people. I have known him for quite a while and he has always been friendly with staff from what I know.
  4. Venger200

    Venger200 Iron

    I'll vouch for him, he has shown that he has matured from his starting time and is willing to progress in the directions needed to becoming a new staff member. He has also given help to new players which I have seen myself, and has been a positive influence overall on the server.
  5. LordAsher

    LordAsher New Member

    I vouch for Kincan. He is a valued member of the community who has shown his commitment to the server. I think he would make a fine addition to the staff team. Keep up the good work m8!
  6. Langlley

    Langlley Guest

    I think Kincan would make a great helper, When we have new players he is always jumps right in.
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