Empires 0.8.0 "The Territories Update"

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    Hello Mystians! This update is the next major release of Empires! This update changes some core aspects to the game, while also making it a ton more interactive and easy to understand!



    Territories are the new way to claim territory for your empire. Territories give a "Nation Border" to your empire, giving you a nice buffer for any incoming attacks (war update). The territories you control fall under your laws that you can post on the website.

    Territories work different from cities in terms of permissions and cost. Each territory tower costs to create and to maintain. The cost per tower is a static 10,000 coins, while the maintenance of each tower is variable depending on how many towers you have for your empire. The charges are all though your capital. The equation for maintenance is as follows:
    (500 -50)(numTowers) + (50/2)(numTowers)*(numTowers+ 1)

    5 Tower Example:
    (500 -50)(5) + (50/2)(5)*(5+ 1) = 2,250 + 750 = 3,000 coins per day. (125 Coins an hour)

    Territories take the maintenance funds on an hourly basis, so after you do the base equation, you must then divide by 24 to get how many coins it will cost your capital an hour.

    Territory Towers:
    So how do you make these towers? Click the link below to the pictures that will walk you through construction of the tower.
    Link to the pictures!

    After you have built the base of the tower, you then want to put a BLANK sign down on one of the four iron blocks at the base. The plugin will automatically fill in the rest. Upon placing the sign, you will either get errors saying what went wrong (such as too far away from your other border), or it will create and claim a 21 by 21 chunk claim for your empire!

    Live Updating Dynmap:
    Dynmap now live updates with changes to cities and territories. If someone settles a new city or claims territory, it will show up within seconds! No longer do people have to wait for the staff to do weekly dynmap updates!

    Empire Set Color Command:
    You can now set your empire's primary and secondary color for use on the live map! The command is "/e setcolor". Use this website to generate the hex codes that you will need to put in.

    Mayor Transfer Command:
    It is now possible to transfer ownership of your city from one player to another. If you transfer control of your capital to someone else, they become the leader of the empire.

    Balance Changes:

    City Income:

    All cities now generate 10,000 coins for your bank every 24 hours. This will help offset some of the initial territory claims.

    Drop Money on Death:
    We have noticed a handful of players who do not value their lives, and we seek to change that. Upon dying to all sources, with the exception of falling to your death, you will lose a percentage of your coins. If you are prime, you lose only 5% of your coins, where non-prime loses 10%. Pirates do not lose coins on death. Take this as your warning.

    The rules have been updated.

    Upcoming Updates:

    Airship Re-Balance:
    As said in the last update log, we plan on changing airships and regular ships to meet the new 5,000 block max size. This is due to the server running into issues with larger ships. Changes are expected to come next week.
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