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    • What is the Dragon Merchant CO?
    The Dragon Merchant CO. is a merchant company operated by dragons. Right now the only dragon involved is Kincan36. All non-dragons can be hired as crewmen or as shipbuilders or resource collectors or other positions for the company or as representatives.
    • What services do we offer?
    The Dragon Merchant CO. has many different services such as setting up markets in empires, selling goods to empires, transportation of goods and resources, and storage of goods. Eventually we will start offering loans that include interest and can be paid off in more ways than just paying us back.
    • Where are our locations?
    Right now the only location of our company will be in dawnhaven.
    • How do I make a contract with the Dragon Merchant CO?
    To make a trading contract just message Kincan36 for the goods you need and how much and we can negotiate a price based off your empire's location, rarity of goods, and how long it takes to get said goods.
    • How do I apply to work for the Dragon Merchant CO?
    Just simply message Kincan36 for a list of job offers to pick from. All crew members and employees of the company get a salary.
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    We have decided to amend the rule about only dragons being ship captains for our company:
    "Non-dragons can now be ship captains for our company."

    ~Signed C.E.O. Kincan36
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    We have moved locations and are no longer based in Dawnhaven. We are now in the city of Sarosune a part of the Zealite Republic:
    "Our only location is in Sarosune."

    ~Signed C.E.O. Kincan36

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