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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by DLaForce, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. DLaForce

    DLaForce Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    In-Game Username: DLaForce
    How long have you been playing our network? Near 2 years
    What have you done to help the community? I helped build the city Novy Sobor, I talk to players as they log in, and provide conversation.
    Why do you want to be a helper on our server? I want to come back as a Helper because I miss the community, and working with the remaining staff members. I enjoy working with players, and I enjoy working with the server. Previous time constraints prevented me from continuing my duties but now I have a lot more free time and I wish to put that towards some better use. I like many of the aspects of The Mystian Network, and it has developed into a great server. And to be able to work with the server again would be great. What I could bring ack to Staff, and the server is a friendly persona, and good people skills. I work good with others, and I can handle criticism fairly well. I know how to deal with unfriendly players, and trolls. I am quick to come and resolve issues and if I don't know something I am always willing correct myself, and admit when I am wrong.I know how to respect a chain of command (I spent 4 years in JROTC and graduated as Cadet Executive Officer) And I always respect my superiors in rank. I don't abuse my powers to anyone, and I understand my powers is to be used for staff work, not for my own personal gain.
  2. LordAsher

    LordAsher New Member

    I Vouch for Laforce becuase he has been a great help since I have joined the server. He is also well spoken and makes his points clear when needed.
  3. flyingaero119

    flyingaero119 New Member

    I vouch for him not (only) because he was one of my favorite ones in the past, but he is one of the more competent people on the server, and has served the community very well in the past. I personally believe he can do this for us, the Mystian Network, once again.
  4. xRedVengeance

    xRedVengeance Part-Time Lich King

    You have a vouch from me!
    Known you for some time, wouldn't mind having you back in the fold.
  5. QrazyCam

    QrazyCam New Member

    Vouch, you were a great staff member and were always nice and helpful. You provided a faction for me to be in, and taught me a lot about the server.
  6. Bloodraven

    Bloodraven Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I would vouch for this person because he has been helpful to newer players on the server and was indeed helpful and nice to me when I originally joined the server. I think he could be helpful to the community.
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