Demands Towards The Iron Legion

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    With the current state of the war as the Baron, Monarch, True God Emperor, King, Lord, Charming Prince, Incredibly Handsome Lord of the empire of Ninkotopia, I would like to set my demands towards the Iron Legion as follows;

    1. The Iron Legion will become a vassal of Ninkotopia

    2.The Iron Legion will be able to have a representative to the capital of Ninkotpia, Krieg

    3.They will be economically and industrially supported by Ninkotopia

    4.The Iron Legion will have to assist in the war of the nation

    5. Total conversion to jesesism

    6. The leader of the Iron Legion will have full jurisdiction over his/her own peoples
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    To the Ninkotopian commander:


  3. Woods297

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    To The Theater commander of Ninkotopian forces at Falkirk, Here are my demands:

    1. Ninkotopian land forces will withdraw from Falkirk entirely

    2. Ninkotopia will fall under control of the Oligarchs of The Legion

    3. Ninkotopia and The Iron Legion will be unified under the flag of the Xylvanian Empire

    4. Lord Woods shall be crowned Kaiser of the New empire

    If the demands are met:

    1. Ninkotop will be on the grand council as a representative of the people of Krieg

    2. No war reps will be paid

    3. The freedom to worship whatever god they choose

    4. Semi-Autonomous parliamentary system

    5. A new constitution

    6. Bigger military Spending

    7. Better equipment

    8. Rights to lands and titles

    9. Stakes in the Xylvanian colonial ventures

    10. Amnesty for any and all war related activities

    Those are my terms, read them carefully and ponder what your people would want

    -The Leader of the Iron Legion and the Bastion against Despotism

  4. Woods297

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    We wish to negotiate because football started up again and Ms Woods got pissy that I fought in the war and didn’t dick her down

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