[Defunct] The Salvation League

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    With the winds of change bringing us closer to a war that will determine the fate of Mysto henceforth, there are only two choices to make: We either unite in common interest to save this world and our livelihoods, or we remain divided and fall to the influence of an unbalanced force, one of darkness that seeks to consume this Realm we all live in and our unwilling subservience to a mortal Dark Lord.

    We choose the former.

    As such, the Republic of Zealia turns to one of its remaining friends in this uncertain world we live in, the Legion of Ninkotopia, in establishing a force to maintain our existence and turn the tide against the encroaching darkness that has turned brother against brother and destroyed numerous friendships. With this, the "League of Mystian Salvation", more colloquially known as the Salvation League, is established.

    1. The Legion of Ninkotopia and the Republic of Zealia shall enter into a full-fledged military and economic alliance. Both nations shall collaborate and coordinate military operations during wartime and in states of high international tension as defined by the respective leadership of both Zealia and Ninkotopia.
    2. Mutual Open Borders shall be formally established between the Legion of Ninkotopia and the Republic of Zealia.
    3. The Republic of Zealia will allow unrestricted access to the Fire Altar for all citizens of the Legion of Ninkotopia.
    4. Intelligence sharing between the Legion of Ninkotopia and the Republic of Zealia shall be instated.
    5. The Republic of Zealia shall establish an embassy in the City of Ulm. Likewise, the Legion of Ninkotopia shall establish an embassy in the City of Sarosune.
    6. The armed forces of the Empire of Ninkotopia and the Republic of Zealia shall collaborate in assuring freedom of trade throughout Mysto and in protecting state and business interests.
    7. The Republic of Zealia and the Legion of Ninkotopia shall work together to advance each other's political and economic interests in the United Empires.

    NOTICE: Should one party unilaterally withdraw from this treaty, or should the terms of this treaty be dishonorably broken, or should mutual agreement come to a consensus that the League is no longer necessary, a one week Pact of Non-Agression shall be put into place and be staff-enforced.

    President of the Republic of Zealia
    Governor of the City of Sarosune
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    The empire of Ninkotopia formally signs into this agreement, and hopes to bring peace to the world with this league
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    The Republic of Zealia unilaterally withdraws from the League due to reasons of geopolitical realignment and internal conflict within the League as well as Aero rethinking every last one of their life choices.

    As such, until renegotiated with another party the League of Mystian Salvation is de facto defunct.

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