Decree from the magistrate of magic

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  1. 19fitzna

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    From the office of the Archmage of the Magistrate of Magic:

    Given the recent events regarding the use of dark magic and the outcry against it, the Magistrate of Magic has decided to form a governing body for all mages to come together in council, in order to create laws regarding the use of magic (without the ignorant input of those not adept at the magical arts).

    As such, ALL MAGES MUST REPORT THEMSELVES TO THE MAGISTRATE OR FACE DEATH. This registration simply needs to be a notification to the magistrate along with a declaration of an individual as either a paladin or mage. All mages who register will be allowed to participate in the Mage's council, any who do not will be hunted down and exterminated with extreme prejudice.

    -Archmage 19fitzna
  2. Venger200

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    I’m the only mage in my empire, and I’m glad someone is willing to make a council.

  3. ninkotop

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    Only Mage of my empire so far, and not the heretical dark magic
  4. Lotyu366

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    I formally register for the magistrate.
    -Lotyu366-Paladin of Ninkotopia
  5. flyingaero119

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    I openly declare myself as the sole Paladin and by extension, the sole magic user within the Zealite Republic. This designation is separate from my more pressing duties as President, though in this uncertain era I recognize the necessity of such a Council, and offer warm salutations to fellow mages in the hopes of fostering an atmosphere of cooperation within the Realm of Mysto.

    President of the Zealite Republic
    Governor of the City of Sarosune

    ADDENDUM: I vouch in the name of Quinncom2 for his status as a paladin within the Council, making part of the above statement partially false though maintaining the spirit of the declaration.
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