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    Empire Name: Dathomir

    Capital City Name: Drathe

    Empire Leader: Imperator Nedlio the 1st

    Empire Officers: Bretton

    Empire Government Type:
    Religious Autocracy

    Empire Government Model: All authority is vested in The Imperator, and then underneath him, the Grand Oathbreaker. The power is reversed when The Imperator will consult the Grand Oathbreaker on events of religious significance. Their power is final.

    Empire Goals:
    To spread the way of the Oathbreaker and protect its interests North of the Border.

    Empire Laws: Those who do not submit to the Oathbreakers will be considered a second class citizen within the empire.
    Breaking a Law in the Constitution is punishable by death.
    Constitution being written.

    Recruitment Status: Invite Only

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