A Red Dawn in Mysto: Announcements from President Aero [APRIL FOOLS 2018]

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    As President of the Zealite Republic, I have an important ammouncement: I have come to the conclusion that there are many things that are inherently wrong with the state of the world. As such, I have taken it upon myself to use executive abilities granted by myself in an extralegal fashion to declare the following:

    * A Red Dawn is coming. All means of production within the Zealite Republic shall be seized by the working class in collaboration with the state. West Western Industries shall be disbanded, and its hoardings distributed equally among the proletarian masses of our great nation. There will be no more hunger in this world. Dragon Merchant Company shall be nationalized. Every man, woman, and child will receive free airships for life.

    * All capitalist elements within the Zealite Republic shall be purged. Those who are not purged shall be exiled to Alesia.

    * All counterrevolutionary, revisionist, and counterrevolutionary revisionist elements within Mysto shall be cleansed. The Trade League of Alesia shall be left alone annexed into our new socialist utopia to be directly ruled from Sarosune, soon to be renamed Airstrip Eleven. The Imperial Feuerstahlian Empire and all of its pirate mercenary states shall be obliterated by means of radical posadism sub-orbitally positioned Geass Gauss Cannons, then our glorious Red Flag shall be raised over the ruins of the encampments and their palace. The entirety of the territory comprising the Sovereign Nation of Haladas, for voting against the interests of the people's sole representative government shall be thrown into the Void. Darkwood will get a free cookie for just being a part of the action as an independent state. Finally, absolutely nothing will happen to Starry and Norwesterheim, simply because nobody conquers Soboria or Dawnhaven.

    With this, I fire the entirety of my Cabinet and will appoint a new one tomorrow. Thank you all again!



    P.S, Happy April Fool's day, everyone! Understand that is is not really happening. I just wanted to have a little fun.
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  2. Woods297

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    And so it begins, be warned good sir that thou hast poked the Woods Lion
  3. Bravo8675309

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    And poked you shall be, Lion. We will poke you so many times that we shall eventually find your "spot," see, and when you are kicking uncontrollably on the ground from how good our poking feels that is when you will be destroyed.

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