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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by 19fitzna, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. 19fitzna

    19fitzna Iron Staff Member Helper

    In-Game Username: 19fitzna

    How long have you been playing our network? I started sometime around February to March this year so 11 or 10 months

    What have you done to help the community? Within the last few months I've started taking a more active role in the server, from being a pirate to help the RP aspect, helping newer players find their way, as well as asking every single friend in my new school to get on and try it to help expand the European community on the server.

    Why do you want to be a helper on our server? (Minimum 200 words) When i first started the server i was definitely in over my head... I had no idea where to even begin, but the staff and older players helped guide me through, to the point where i am now the leader of my own empire. I want to be able to help new players like those who helped me and watch them grow on the server. Also during my time as a pirate i got to know the staff of the server a lot more and I loved it, i would love to be part of the team helping to make the server better. Also, and this is more recent, I've taken an interest in the trains plugin and want to help manage and improve the systems the server uses for public rails. Which that sort of touches on the other thing which is that I've loved figuring out one thing after another on this server, and want to keep exploring it in more depth as well as being able to teach others what I've learned, and i feel like becoming a helper/staff on this server would be the perfect way to do that.
  2. flyingaero119

    flyingaero119 New Member

    I vouch for Fitzna, he is a good and kind person, reliable, and is committed to fixing problems and reaching goals. I feel he would be a very good addition to the team.
  3. Lerinn

    Lerinn New Member

    I vouch for Fitzna. Although I don't know him well when I have seen him he's been nothing but kind do me, and he's a great member of the server. I think he'd be a good helper.
  4. Woods297

    Woods297 New Member

    I vouch, he's a good person and very quiet which I like. Ne doesnt go out of his way to do anything that would upsrt anyone.-
  5. Lixionit

    Lixionit Iron

    I vouch for him. I've experienced him as staff before on the same team and he was a great part of our team. I think he will be a great addition to the mystian staff. (I'm an ex staff member on mystian that should have some heavy credit)
  6. Bretton

    Bretton New Member

    I vouch for fitz. I've had good experiences, and with some work and experience I think he'd be a good helper.
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